Kobe Bryant sets all-time record for misses

Kobe Bryant is still one of the best Basketball player ever played the game. At the age of 36, he is still putting up 28 points per game. His passion for the game is incredible, He pushes himself and his team mates to the limits, which is often misunderstood as being selfish and very hard to get along with. That is his personality, he wants everything to be perfect, which could sometimes be misunderstood, its a fact.

We all know that Kobe Bryant might be at the last chapter of his basketball career, but he has proven that at the age of 36, he can still compete at the highest level. I wish his career never ends. He has made quite an impact in a lot of peoples lives.


Kobe Bryant set the NBA record for missed shots his way – inefficiently.

Needing 13 misses entering the night to break the record, Kobe raced to tie John Havlicek’s mark. The Lakers superstar missed his 12th shot against the Grizzlies with 2:49 left in the third quarter. But he drew a couple fouls to close the period and began the fourth quarter on the bench, leaving history to wait.

Finally, 15 seconds after re-entering the game, Kobe missed a 14-footer with 6:22 to take sole possession the record. It took longer than expected, but basketball immortality was his as his stat line hit 7-for-20.

Here’s the all-time leader board:

Player From To G FG FGA Missed shots
Kobe Bryant 1997 2015 1252 11118 24536 13418
John Havlicek 1963 1978 1270 10513 23930 13417
Elvin Hayes 1969 1984 1303 10976 24272 13296
Karl Malone 1986 2004 1476 13528 26210 12682

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