Jollibee ‘philippines largest burger chain’ looks to expand into canada


Before anything else I would like to share a little history about how jollibee came about.

Jollibee was founded in January 28, 1978 in Quezon City, Philippines by Tony Tan the President and CEO of Jollibee Foods Corporation. They have 2,700 stores worldwide including: Brunei (launched 1987), Hong Kong (launched September 1996), Indonesia (to be launched 2015), Kuwait (launched 1995), Malaysia (to be launched 2015), Philippines (main hub), QatarSaudi Arabia (launched 1995), Singapore (launched 2013), Vietnam (launched October 1996), United States (launched 1998), and Canada (to be launched 2015).


Aloha burger from jollibee

This pineapple topped burger helped make jollibee become the largest food chain in the Philippines. It is absolutely to die for, I mean, who doesn’t like pineapples? I could only speak for myself, when I say I’ve been craving these for years and finally its coming to my city. Jollibee waited 15 years to cross north of the border after having opened its first establishment in the U.S.

Lovell Sarreal, an analyst from Maybank covering Jollibee Philippines says:

the company’s return to conservative but steady expansion is good for investors. U.S. operations are now profitable, accounting for about 5% of Jollibee’s total sales.

“Eventually growth in the Philippines will slow down, and to sustain the high growth of the company, you have to expand overseas,”.

The company has been focusing on opening stores where filipinos are, It is simply a taste of home. Now don’t get confused, if you aren’t filipino and you enjoy a good burger fries and ice cream, this joint is also for you. There is nothing exotic about jollibee, its just good old fashioned burger with a little twist.

There is no exact opening date mentioned anywhere, but Ill keep everyone updated if anything comes up.

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