Here we go again, Polar Vortex

DSC_0430Winter season is here. Oh, what a wonderful thing.

That is what most people think, but if you’re living north of the border, it may not be as pleasant.

Last year was the worst winter I have ever experienced. There’s a southward shift of the Polar Vortex. I know it sounds like it came from a movie, but its true. The event stretched from December 2013 to April 2014. Recorded temperature on Christmas day was -41 degrees Celsius. It was as cold as you know what. Local news reported, “Its colder than the surface temperature on Mars”. Its an OMG situation whenever I step out of the house. I mean, bare skin can’t last 2 mins exposed. You’ll have to be all covered up to survive the brutal wind chill. I used to like Winter season, but after that Polar Vortex situation, my mind shifted from “favourite season ever” to “not so much, please take me to anywhere warm”. Its a Love Hate situation. DSC_0378

Enough with all the negatives. Winter season also has its good side. first of all, It cleans the air we breathe, that’s the most important thing.

Think of it as a refresher, after all that partying last summer, it is time to cool down. Its like our air is sobering up from all the toxic waste we humans release in the air. Secondly, I can finally, show off my Canada Goose Jacket again. Its jacket season, its time to show off your fancy winter clothes.

Well like it or not, Winter is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Let’s just hope that its not as bad as last year.

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