Chat with “Sorry… Whats FPd?”

I want to speak my mind today. There’s a lot of things going through my mind right now like, “How do I get more traffic in my website”, is one of the many things that keeps me up at night. But this problem was different. The only way to solve it was time. Most successful bloggers say that it may take up to a year to build a significant amount of traffic into your website. I thought to myself, “Am I capable of waiting that long?, are there some other ways of doing it without having to wait that long?”

I spent my last week asking Google about ways on how to increase traffic to my website. And I stumbled upon a post that talks about going viral on wanting to give up. She was talking about something called Freshly Pressed. I was new to the whole blogging scene and I didn’t know what freshly pressed was until then. So I did a little research, I compare being freshly pressed to a college athlete getting drafted by a professional team. Its basically the opportunity of a lifetime for a newbie blogger. Its that same kind of feeling. You get exposed to the world and you get instant followers. You may also bump into a few haters. So what?, Any publicity is better than no publicity at all. Here’s the catch, The Staff hand picks 8 new blog posts out of thousands to be highlighted on the freshly pressed section of . I thought to myself, “that’s the solution to my ever growing dilemma”.

I was brwosing through my websites Dashboard, then all of a sudden a small window popped up. It was the Chat representative from I thought maybe I should get his opinion on adding wordads on my website. And so I asked, “How much traffic do I need before I could get invited for WordAds ?”. This was the conversation.

Staff I think the amount and quality of content you have will probably be more important.
route905 Ok I understand.
route905 I wish to be FPd someday
Staff Sorry…what’s FPd?
route905 Freshly pressed
Staff Oh, I should have known that. 😉
Staff It really is an excellent way to gain exposure, so I hope you pursue it. 🙂
route905 I will. One of these days. Thank you for your help.
Staff Sure thing, and good luck!

Freshly F****ing Pressed! We’re all thinking the same thing and we all want it. Its the ultimate short cut to gaining more traffic into our website. It’s a newbie bloggers dream come true that someday their blog would be FPd. I hope to be FPd someday. Easier said than done.

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