Nine dead including two Children in Edmonton Canada, it was found in three separate locations

Globe and Mail reported nine found dead including two children found in three separate locations around Edmonton. The Edmonton police is investigating the killing spree and believed it to be connected to each other. The ninth and final victim may be involved in the killings according to the police as it matches the suspects description.

The Killing spree was believed to be executed the night of December 29th and the following morning of December 30th.

Edmonton Police Press Conference:

The Edmonton Police Service continues to investigate two homicide scenes involving multiple deaths.

Southwest Division members responded to a weapon’s complaint around 6:52 p.m., Monday, Dec. 29, 2014, near Haswell Court and 16 Avenue. Upon arrival, members discovered a deceased middle-aged female.

Later Monday evening, North Division patrol officers responded to a suspicious circumstances call at an address near 83 Street and 180 Avenue at approximately 8:30 p.m., returning to the same address at approximately midnight, following a secondary check-on-welfare call involving a suicidal male.

At that time, officers were unable to locate the suicidal male in question, but upon entry, discovered the bodies of seven deceased individuals; three adult females, two adult males and two children, one female and one male.

Homicide detectives, with the assistance of Ft. Saskatchewan RCMP, subsequently located a deceased male at a restaurant in that city, located approximately 40 kms northeast of Edmonton, who matched the description of the suicidal male allegedly associated with the second homicide scene at 83 Street and 180 Avenue.

The identities of the deceased are not being released at this time, until cause of deaths can be determined, identities can be confirmed and next of kin can be notified.

Further details will be released to media when they become available.

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