No Pants Subway ride Event Hits Toronto in 2015 [Slideshow]

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Originally started in the U.S., the international event known as the “No Pants Subway Ride” was created by improvisation group “Improv Everywhere” and sees people taking the subway without pants, yet acting as if nothing has changed.

Ontario Canada’s Ministry of Health Banned Smoking in Patios, Playgrounds, & Sports Fields [ILLEGAL]


ONTARIO — It is now illegal to smoke in Restaurant patios, Playgrounds, and Sport fields in Ontario.

It also bans the sale of tobacco cigarettes in post-secondary schools.

Huffington Post Canada

The Ministry of Health has said the changes to the Smoke Free Ontario Act replace a patchwork of municipal regulations governing smoking on restaurant and bar patios, and will not hurt their businesses.

The measures were first announced in November.

The province says tobacco kills 13,000 people in the province each year and causes an estimated $2.2 billion in direct health care costs.

This law has already taken effect in Ontario.

New Year’s Annual Canadian Polar Bear Dip through Icy Waters [IMAGE]

DBC101_Canada_Polar_Bear_Dip_20140101 DBC104_Canada_Polar_Bear_Dip_20140101_TOPIX JMC112_Alta_Polar_Bear_Dip_20150101 JOHV102_PENGUIN_PLUNGE_20150101 JOHV104_PENGUIN_PLUNGE_20150101 XAV101_NS_Polar_Dip_20150101_TOPIX

It’s been a tradition for Canadians to take a plunge into cold waters to Celebrate New Year’s.

Purdy’s Chocolatier offers perfect gifts this Holiday Season, boasts #1 Chocolatier in Canada

DSC_9747Cruising around Square One Mall looking for the perfect gift, I stumbled upon Purdy’s Chocolatier. I was intrigued by their chocolate fountain placed in front of the store, so I approached and to my surprise found an abundance of chocolate of different kinds. The variety of chocolate that could be found in one store is just breath taking. They have a menu that lists all the chocolates in case you have questions.

DSC_9746The feature that really struck me the most about the store was their ready made gifts composed of different combinations of chocolates. For someone like me who doesn’t know how to wrap gifts, it is really a blessing. There are so many different combinations of chocolates in different styles of gift wrapping, the possibilities are endless.


If you are looking for a gift or simply just craving for the best chocolate, Purdy’s Chocolatier is perfect for you. It was no surprise that Canadian living website ranked Purdy’s Chocolate #1 among the best of the best in Canada.

“Skate on the Square” right at the heart of Mississauga Ontario Canada,


I couldn’t think of a  better way to spend your Saturday night than skating outdoors, whether with your family or friends. You would definitely feel the Christmas vibe and that Christmas is just around the corner. The cold air rushing through your face while being serenade by Christmas Jingles, there is no better feeling.


Here in Mississauga, we have a place called Celebration Square where people gather for special occasions. The Square also features a skating rink that operates from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

In my opinion, the best time to go is at night because it is when the square shines the brightest. The trees around the square are wrapped in vibrant Christmas lights and while City hall lights up in green and blue.


If you are a casual skater and you don’t have your own skates, you’re in luck because they also have Skate Rentals for $10, but you would be required to leave your Identification card for assurance purposes, don’t worry you will get it back when you return the shoes.

Here are some Rink Rules from Celebration Square

We want everyone to enjoy themselves in a safe and positive environment.
Please respect this facility, other skaters and the Skater’s Code of Conduct.

All public skating participants must obey the following rules:

  • Please listen to and obey skate patrollers at all times
  • Please do not bring food or drink on the ice surface
  • No horseplay/games
  • Do not skate backwards
  • All participants must be in full control and be able to avoid contact with other
    skaters  –  Please do not skate excessively fast or erratically
  • Only approved skate aid devices are permitted on the ice surface
  • No hockey equipment or other toys/equipment are permitted on the ice surface
  • Please do not sit on the boards or stand/rest on the ice surface
  • Please do not carry children while skating
  • Skate in the approved direction only
  • Please leave the ice surface immediately when asked to do so by the skate patrollers
  • All participants must wear ice skates while on the ice surface

If you are living near Mississauga or simply just passing by our city, you should check it out. it’s really a great place to just hang and feel the vibe.