A government reduced to state of nature

Imagine that Canada has been reduced to a state of nature, by some natural catastrophe or a civil war. It is your job to organise a new government. You can chose ONE of the following political theorists as your chief advisor: Hobbes, Locke or Marx. Explain the political theory of your chosen advisor and describe the form of government you are going to offer your citizens. How would the other two thinkers critique your new government?

Thomas Hobbes believe that before government life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. In the absence of an absolute ruler, we would all kill each other. We need a ruler who is strong enough that he is beyond challenge. That is the only thing that would keep us from tearing each other apart. He believed that we need an absolute ruler that would demand authority. His view was influenced by the English civil war. He saw absolute government in England breakdown and lead to a long civil war.

If I was to create a government from ground up. We’re going to need a leader who is strong and powerful, that can lead us to a well-functioning society. To do that we’re going to need a leader who cannot be opposed. People need to be told what to do, else they will go about their own way. I believe that, to be able to restore what once was. We must have a strong leader just like what Hobbes described in his book, “the Leviatan”.

John Locke on the other hand believes that God gave Adam natural rights which are life, liberty, and property. He says that, the government is responsible for protecting those natural rights and if they fail to protect those rights, the people can over throw their government and revert back to the state of nature, so that they can recreate the government.

Karl Marx was the founding father of communism. He would sort of agree with my chosen government. But he would also argue about the concept of material wealth. He believes that the people doesn’t work as an individual but as a society. He wants to promote equality. The rich, the poor, and the middle class would be reduced to an equal opportunity for everyone. There would be without an economic class in the society.