12 Gifts of Christmas: 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day


Its gift giving season again and thinking of a great gift idea has its fair share of challenges. There’s a lot of factors that goes into choosing the perfect gift or any gift for that matter, especially when you’re tight on budget. It’s not easy getting everyone what they want on Christmas and its unlikely that you will. You’re just going to have to let the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”, back you up on this one. This is a 3 day series that will feature 12 inexpensive Gift Ideas for both Men and Women. A

on the 12th day of Christmas…

This is a pair of designer socks from Dwayne Wade’s latest socks collection. These socks are both very classy and stylish and you could also choose from a variety of designs on their website. It’s very popular among NBA players.

This pair would only cost you about $14 USD.

on the 11th day of Christmas…

Beanies!! These are in season and perfect for our Christmas theme. You can get these from shop.ca or you can also get them from local stores. I definitely need these!

A Crooks & Castle Beanie would cost you about $30 USD. 

on the 10th day of Christmas…

Graphic Tees might be the most common gift idea, but in 6dollarshirts.com they allow you to submit your own shirt design. You can personalize it however you like and they also have hundreds of designs to choose from. These shirts are never out of season.

The shirt would cost you about $6 USD, that’s before shipping and taxes. That’s BINGO in my books.

on the 9th day of Christmas…


Having a Cellphone protector is a must nowadays, because the new generation of phones are becoming more and more fragile.

This is a great gift to anyone who owns a cellphone, but you must know what kind of phone they own. You can also get them a design based on their personality or maybe their favourite team . The choices are endless and since we always bring our phones wherever we go, they will definitely remember you.

These Cellphone protectors are ranging from $10 ~ $20 USD.

Website link: .cellphonecases.com

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