Raptors guard Louis Williams reportedly having Two Girlfriends, J.R. Smith’s reaction

Toronto Raptors beat the Denver Nuggets 112-107 in overtime

Lou Williams a.k.a. “Sweet lou” had a very solid game last night against Tobias Harris and the Orlando Magic. Coming off the bench scoring 18 points in 28 minutes. The Raptors came out and win it TOR(95) – ORL(82).

Lou has been the talk of a bunch of headlines this morning and not because of his solid performance last night, but because he was involved in a relationship with two women right now. That is not the issue here, the real shocker is that the two women allegedly knows about each other and have accepted the terms to date Lou at the same time.

Baller Alert and Complex reported, their names are Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell or Blonde and Brown as Lou Williams like to call them.





Baller Alert is part of why this News has been garnering attention, but also because of Knicks guard J.R Smith saw the story and tweeted last night.

Lou hasn’t answered any of the tweets and probably won’t any time soon. He hasn’t confirmed or denied his involvement with the girls and the issue for that matter.