7 Signs that you’ve met a True Friend

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 “It is easy to meet and make friends, but its hard to make true friends.”

#1 — a true friend, will tell you the truth!

A true friend is someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth and addresses the problem regardless of what you might think. A true friend will tell you your mistakes as he/she sees it. He/She would not think twice of telling you, if it means you would be better off knowing the truth.

#2 — a true friend, will warn you!

A true friend is someone who would stop you in your tracks and tell you if something is wrong. He/She would go out of his/her way to let you know what they think of the situation. If they think something is not right, they will not hesitate to try to stop you from doing so.

#3 — a true friend, shares bad experiences!

A true friend is someone who is not afraid of telling you his/her bad experiences from the past. They are the ones who are comfortable of telling you their mistakes so that you both can learn from them.


#4 — a true friend, has deep concern for you!

A true friend is someone who makes sure that you get home safe. They will patiently wait for your call or text before they go to bed. They treat you as if you were part of their family.

#5 — a true friend, will raise you up!

A true friend is someone who would help you stand up when you fall. They are the first ones to call you when something bad happens to you. They will try to make something good out of the Bad and they will help you see the good side of things.

#6 — a true friend, will stand up for you!

A true friend is someone who would stand by you no matter what. He/She will always be on your side through thick and thin, they are always there when you need them.

#7 — a true friend, sees the good side of you! 

A true friend is someone who ignores the bad and counts the good. They are the ones who truly knows who you are and why you’re the way you are. They are not affected of the wrong things you’ve done, but rather focus on the good things you’ve done.

On a Serious Note: What is the truth about happiness?(VIDEO)


Happiness is a state of mind that makes you feel good about yourself. It’s this rush of feeling through your body that tells you to laugh or smile. That state or feeling are caused by things that we like and love doing.

What are the things that makes us happy? Does having a lot of money or a nice car make you happy for the rest of your life? The answer would be no. You would be surprised of how quickly our mind adapts to situations like the feeling of getting a new car or buying a very expensive house.

We are drawn to the thought that having the most expensive things would make us happy for a long period of time. Fact is, that feeling only lasts for a short period, then our minds goes back to its normal state as if nothing has changed. It is why we miswant things. We think we really want it because of its long-term effect on us, but 9 times out of 10 it wont.

Miswanting is when we want something because we think that it will make us happy for a longer period but it is never the case.

Chat with WordPress.com: “Sorry… Whats FPd?”

I want to speak my mind today. There’s a lot of things going through my mind right now like, “How do I get more traffic in my website”, is one of the many things that keeps me up at night. But this problem was different. The only way to solve it was time. Most successful bloggers say that it may take up to a year to build a significant amount of traffic into your website. I thought to myself, “Am I capable of waiting that long?, are there some other ways of doing it without having to wait that long?”

I spent my last week asking Google about ways on how to increase traffic to my website. And I stumbled upon a post that talks about going viral on wanting to give up. She was talking about something called Freshly Pressed. I was new to the whole blogging scene and I didn’t know what freshly pressed was until then. So I did a little research, I compare being freshly pressed to a college athlete getting drafted by a professional team. Its basically the opportunity of a lifetime for a newbie blogger. Its that same kind of feeling. You get exposed to the world and you get instant followers. You may also bump into a few haters. So what?, Any publicity is better than no publicity at all. Here’s the catch, The Staff hand picks 8 new blog posts out of thousands to be highlighted on the freshly pressed section of WordPress.com . I thought to myself, “that’s the solution to my ever growing dilemma”.

I was brwosing through my websites Dashboard, then all of a sudden a small window popped up. It was the Chat representative from wordpress.com. I thought maybe I should get his opinion on adding wordads on my website. And so I asked, “How much traffic do I need before I could get invited for WordAds ?”. This was the conversation.

Staff I think the amount and quality of content you have will probably be more important.
route905 Ok I understand.
route905 I wish to be FPd someday
Staff Sorry…what’s FPd?
route905 Freshly pressed
Staff Oh, I should have known that. 😉
Staff It really is an excellent way to gain exposure, so I hope you pursue it. 🙂
route905 I will. One of these days. Thank you for your help.
Staff Sure thing, and good luck!

Freshly F****ing Pressed! We’re all thinking the same thing and we all want it. Its the ultimate short cut to gaining more traffic into our website. It’s a newbie bloggers dream come true that someday their blog would be FPd. I hope to be FPd someday. Easier said than done.

Relationship 101: who controls your relationship?


The person who cares the least, Controls the relationship.

We all thought about this situation and we have it at the back of our minds, but we don’t talk about it. It is not something that couples talk about. You may be doing it already, you just haven’t realized it. It might also be working out to your advantage, but not all people have the same way of thinking. It also can be a complete disaster movie. (This only applies to serious relationships)

What I’m saying is, people react differently. Some might be OK with it and some might be completely offended by it. Some relationships are unconsciously doing it, and it might be working out for them.

My theory is that, successful couples has the right amount of care between the both of them, which created balance in their universe.

In my opinion, it doesn’t need to be equal, you just have to analyze your situation and figure out what works out for the both of you. I mean, Its really just finding the right combinations.

Now to answer the question, Yes its true and will continue to be. Its not always a bad thing, again if it works for your relationship and it creates balance, then it must be doing something right.


Now, it doesn’t mean you don’t care at all, that’s different. It just means that you’re opening up some space for your partner to fill up. It sometimes the other way around, your partner may have some space for you to fill up. Key is don’t go over that limit, Just fill up whatever needs to be filled and stay within it. Some people tend to be overwhelming and most of the time their partners feel that they are obligated to match it. They will feel pressured and sometimes confused, which can lead to a breakup.

You may agree or disagree with this point of view. Keep in mind that this is just the technical side of things. Relationships are complicated that way. There are a lot of areas to be covered when it comes to this. Its just really a matter of perspective. We all think differently in different situations. This is just for those people who needs an answer to, “why things are the way they are?”. I hope to have covered that area.

Parenting 101 : Trust granted not earned


What brought you to this article? Is it because you want to know if you’re making the right choices as a parent? or are you a soon to be parent?. Well whatever that is, you came here because you were curious. You wanted to increase your knowledge on something that you truly care about. Have you ever asked yourself,

Does my behaviour affect my children’s attitude?,

Am I being over protective?.

These are the questions that we will try to answer as we go along.

Does my behaviour affect my children’s attitude? The only way to answer that question is to put yourself in their situation.

When I was a child growing up. I never liked it when my parents never trusted me with anything. I could never understand why. It just never made sense to me. I was a good child. I always followed the rules.

Parenting frustration

There’s this famous saying,

” trust is not given, it is earned”.

I know most of us would buy into that, and part of it is true. But I believe that starting to build trust with your child at an early age is the right choice. let me explain.

Parents are responsible for building a good trust system between you and your child.

A good example would be my friend, lets call her Dona. Donas parents are very over protective of her. She never did anything wrong. She had a curfew at 6pm. She could never go out with her boyfriend late without having her sister come along. She knows that they are not doing anything wrong and that her parents are being unreasonable She felt like she had no choice but to lie to her parents so that they can be together.

That’s one of the reasons why we lie, and the reason why most children treated that way ends up being rebellious.

Now if you were to trust your child, make them feel that you trust them. You would get a totally different result.


I, myself, would never do anything to break a trust. I value trust more than anything. I would be foolish to break a trust given to me without having to earn them. I think that would be a child’s initial reaction. That is why trusting them early is very important. Its putting them in the right direction.